Dr. Mike's Corner


  October 2020

MK | 10/09/2020

Hello everyone!  Been busy creating beautiful smiles these past couple months, we are blessed to be able to help so many of our neighbors and truly appreciate the great response from everyone...it has been a difficult time getting established in the "new" COVID world we all live in now, we are continuing to sharpen our skills and train new members to our team so we can  better serve our patients.  


Dr Mike

  As business begins to open

MK | 5/23/2020

Hi All!

We are super excited to begin treating as soon as we get the OK from the state..we have been training and preparing to maximize the safety of everyone in our office..you will notice changes to the protocols for visiting the office, as we implement new COVID safety measures. I will be updating the website and my blog as we continue to advance. As a new office, we are proud and excited to share the Kiss Dental Care state of the art facility with everyone..please feel free to contact us for a tour and to answer any concerns or questions you may have. Thank you for the warm welcome we have had to our new neighborhood here in Long Neck!

Looking forward to seeing everyone,

Dr Mike Kissell

  March 2020

MK | 3/22/2020

Check out photos of our signs and reception area.
You'll be able to watch crowns being made while you wait.

Watch crowns being made while you wait.The reception area!We're next to GIANT!Our new sign out front!

  February 2020

MK | Feb 13, 2020

We're almost there. The new dental chairs are in! The fireplace stonework is finished!

The fireplace is finished!Everything is looking spectacular!New pink dental chairs!New blue dental chairs!

  January 2020

MK | 01-23-2020

It's all coming together! We'll be opening soon!

The front desk.Coming soon.Sterilization area.New dental appointment rooms.Dr. Kissell working on the fireplace!

  November 2019

MK | 11-8-2019

Our new facility will be opening soon! Below are a few photos of the renovations. Click to view a larger image.

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