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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

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Ready to refresh your smile? Full mouth rehabilitation enhances both the function and appearance of your smile. This process becomes necessary when various dental issues impact multiple teeth, requiring a strategy to address concerns and improve overall oral health. 
Understanding Full Mouth Rehabilitation 
A complete smile overhaul, full mouth rehabilitation include treatments to restore damaged or decaying teeth and replace missing teeth. Cosmetic dentistry techniques blend with restorative procedures, covering porcelain veneers, oral surgery, dental implants, ceramic crowns, or soft tissue grafting. 
Distinguishing Full Mouth Rehabilitation from Smile Makeovers 
Primarily undertaken for functional and dietary purposes, full mouth rehabilitation also enhances the cosmetic aspect. For example, full-arch dental implants not only repair oral function but also enhance the overall appearance of your smile. 
Process of Full Mouth Rehabilitation
To begin, we conduct a thorough examination, discuss your goals, and take x-rays, photos, and dental models. A detailed presentation of your treatment plans follows, outlining the process, timeline, and associated costs. 
Duration of Full Mouth Rehabilitation 
The duration varies, spanning several months based on procedure complexity. Intensive treatments may span a year, while restorative procedures like fillings can be completed in a single visit. The timeline adjusts based on individual needs. 
Procedures Involved in Full Mouth Rehabilitation 

Each case is unique and may involve: 

  • Dental implant placement 
  • Full coverage crowns 
  • Crown lengthening 
  • Addressing tooth wear 
  • Tooth movement 
  • Fillings 
  • Dental bridges 
  • Bone density management 
  • Bite calibration 
  • TMJ therapy 
  • Dental cleanings 


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